1Where can I find information about the different types of personal leave available to me?
2Do I have to go to the staff meeting on the last Thursday before Labour Day?
We hear this question about the “August staff meeting” quite a bit. Usually in August. It has two answers. If that day has been deemed an official PD Day, then the answer is “yes.” It’s just like any other PD Day. More often than not, however, it is not a PD Day, and as such, the meeting is completely voluntary.
3I can’t find my OECTA membership number. Can you help me out?
Probably. Give us a call at the office. Or, you could try provincial: 1-800-268-7230 or Email OECTA Membership
4I want to take a course. Or maybe attend a conference. How do I apply for a subsidy from OECTA?
Click on forms. You can apply online or print out an application.
5How can I change my name and/or address with OECTA?
Every September your staff rep updates the staff information for OECTA Provincial Office. OECTA Provincial sends out membership cards to all new members based on the information.
6Who else do I need to contact with my name and/or address change?
Besides OECTA Provincial, you will need to contact us, the Board Office, the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board and the Ontario College of Teachers.
7I have some questions about my benefit coverage. Where do I find answers?
You can find a copy of the “Benefits Booklet” in the Members Only section of this website. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact the president or collective bargaining officer.
8When do I have to provide the Board with a doctor’s form?
There are two parts to this answer. First, as per you have to be absent for five (or more) consecutive days before the Board can ask for a form. Second, after five (or more) days, don’t provide one unless you’re asked. (And as an aside, the form is found online, and the Board will reimburse you for the cost of the form, up to $45.)
9Where can I find information of when I should report to CAS around issues of abuse?
OECTA Provincial has numerous brochures and resources of how to deal with situations just like this. Please visit OECTA .ON.CA for more details.Click Here to see the brochure of when to report to CAS.
10Where do I find info about retirement?
OTIP has information available in a podcast. Click Here for more details.