Humanitarian Volunteer

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  • Application for Subsidy of Humanitarian Volunteer

    F u n d f r o m PVNC OECTA Unit (please submit via FAX: 705 742 8599, or Board courier) PROCEDURE: (note this form is for the use of permanent teachers, members of OLTBU should contact their Local) I. You Must: 1. Send this application for subsidy to the Unit office a MINIMUM OF TWO MONTHS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Applications received AFTER the event WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR FUNDING. 2. Complete Part A of the application and accompany it with all pertinent information copies of event itinerary, charity information, any receipts) including a personal letter explaining the situation and your proposed involvement. II. We Will: 3. Return your application indicating approval or disapproval. 4. Once approved, send a cheque to a maximum of $500 to the charitable organization (Note: $500 x % for part time teachers). III. You Must: 5. Submit a report to the Executive on the events of your volunteer experience within two months of your return. Access to both HV and PD funds in the future will be withdrawn for failure to submit the report. Note: You may only access up to $500 per fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) for either the Humanitarian Volunteer Subsidy or $350 for the PD Subsidy. For any inquiries contact Mike Gorman at 1-844-742-7843 or
  • (each applicant must use a separate application)