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Welcome Back!

Hello Members,

Well, here we are back in the trenches and COVID19 is still very much the concern in our lives.

Many announcements have been made by the Government, but no real changes to make our working environments as safe as possible. OECTA and all the Affiliates are working together to make this government take action.

Over the last couple years, we have seen an increase in our members deterioration in mental health. It is important to take care of yourself and I included it in a newsletter, but I want to re-iterate what was shared.

Every day take time for yourself to break away from work for short bursts.

Every week take time for yourself in an activity or hobbie that you like to do.

Every year take a vacation away from everyday stresses.

We need to do this more than ever because technology has invaded our sanctuary – Homelife!

We have www.humanacare.ca www.feelingbetternow.com/otip and www.otip.com/wellbeing as resources to use for our mental health. Take the time, to take care of your wellbeing, so you can be present for others.

Don’t forget to get involved with committees locally, to share your voice on what is going on and assist in making changes we can.

I want to leave you with a writing I saw, but I am changing to fit the school year, not a week.

I wish you a great school year:

A great start

No Obstacles, No troubles, No stress

Many Smiles

Relaxing and Peaceful holidays throughout the year!

A reminder Andy and I are only a phone call away, reach out anytime.

Stay safe,


Kelly McNeely

PVNC Unit President

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