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2019-2020 New Start for a New School Year!

My message has not changed much from the spring:

We have been out on many pizza visits; the message Andy and I have been making a point of spreading is be prepared:

1. Know what is going on by following Provincial and Unit emails, so get signed up if you have not already done so.

2. Get the message out to friends, family and neighbours about what is really going on in education and what the changes really mean. www.knowmore.ca. We still have lawn signs in the office to help get the message out.

3. Get involved.

The provincial bargaining team is working on negotiations on our behalf for central terms, but we do not have a crystal ball to see what the outcomes will be with this government. Information will be sent out if things change.

Make sure to get involved with the local, by attending AGMs, joining committees or partaking in events being hosted by OECTA. Last year we held a Breakfast with Santa that had great reviews, so it has been re-booked this year for Dec. 7th – mark it down on your calendar.

Twitter, Facebook and Website are great places to get up to date information of what is happening in PVNC.

Wishing everyone a great year in 2019-2020.

In Solidarity,


Unit President

Important Dates/Notices

ATTENTION ANY PVNC OECTA OCCASIONAL TEACHERS! OT Committee meeting October 9th, 2019 4:30pm at the Unit Office. Contact Kelly McNeely if you are interested.

Click here for more details!.

OTIP Pension and Benefits Workshop November 12th, 2019 Baxter Creek 4:30 - 7:30 pm

Click here for more details!.

OECTA and PVNC Mass for Deceased Board Employees Wednesday, November 20th, 2019 Cathedral St. Peter-in-Chains/Knights of Columbus Hall

OECTA PVNC Budget Meeting Wednesday, November 27th, 2019 Baxter Creek Golf and Country Club


OTIP Sponsorship of School Projects / OTIP Bursary Program

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