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2019-2020 Covid 19 School Closure Update

Hello Members,

My prayers go out to everyone, as we journey through these unprecedented times. It is important that we keep routine in our lives and as we travel through this new current reality, we need to take time to reflect on the positives in our lives. Reach out to family, friends, neighbours and colleagues; assist in making sure everyone is ok physically and mentally. There are several challenges ahead during this transition because there are still many unknown pieces in this shutdown, especially for our daily OTs. Let us take one day at a time and we will get through this together.

In the following weeks, a distance learning model will unfold to reach our students in a new manner; remember this is a learning curve for everyone. Decisions will be made to create a platform that will work for most, but if you are struggling, reach out, and let Andy or I know. During this time of self-isolation, it is critical that you let us know of any struggles you are experiencing. We are here to assist you and no one should suffer in silence.

Permanent and Occasional Teachers in LTO positions will continue to be paid as we move passed the 2 week closure, and will be required to participate in the distance learning model PVNC rolls out. Andy and I will be working with the board to ensure it is reasonable, but it will be different. I know individuals will struggle with the change, but there will be avenues for assistance. Who knows, maybe you will discover a new hidden strength in this chaos!

The message I want to make loud and clear is we can and will get through this, if we rely on each other because there is strength in numbers.

Take care and God bless.

Stay safe,

Kelly McNeely

Unit President

Important Dates/Notices

Congratulations to Andy Butler on another 2 Year appointment as our Teacher Welfare/Grievance Office


OECTA PVNC LOCAL UNIT ELECTIONS AND AGM Tuesday, June 16th, 2020, 4pm ***VIRTUAL*** For information on proposed By-Law Changes/Forms visit the members section

Congratulations the to the following 2020/21 Executive Members who were acclaimed:

Elementary Vice President - Joe Devuono

Secondary Vice President - Robin Clement

Recording Secretary - Donna Paquette

Peterborough Councillors - Jason Hogan & Mary Jo Jones

Victoria Councillor - Dan Piggott

Northumberland Councillor - James Mellon

Clarington Councillors - Steph Dahl & Della Stewart Figueria

Occasional Teacher Rep - Patricia Taylor


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