Unit Info

The OECTA PVNC Unit has approximately 930 teachers** in 38 locations. The 30 elementary schools employ 585 while 6 secondary schools have 322 and the Catholic Education Centre has 23.**

Area Schools Elementary Schools Secondary Schools Teachers Elementary Teachers Seconday Teachers
Peterborough 15 13 2 394 275 119
Victoria 5 4 1 80 54 26
Northumberland 7 6 1 156 96 60
Clarington 9 7 2 307 190 117
Total 37 7 6 **960 615 322
(**Note: these figures represent the mailings requested by staff representatives and 23 teachers employed at the CEC)

The 2018– 2019 Unit Executive is composed of 15 teachers, 13 elected and 2 appointed*, who meet on a regular basis to handle the business of the Unit.

Position Name Location
President Kelly McNeely Local Unit Office
Past President Bart Scollard St. Stephen Secondary
Elementary Vice President Joe DeVuono St. John Paul II Elementary
Secondary Vice President Robin Clement St. Stephen Secondary
Treasurer Merle Davis St. Stephen Secondary
Recording Secretary Krista McEwen Immaculate Conception Elementary
Councillor Peterborough Mary Jo Jones St. Anne Elementary
Councillor Peterborough Jason Hogan St. Joseph Douro Elementary
Councillor Victoria Dan Piggott St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary
Councillor Northumberland Kathleen Tanguay St. Anthony Elementary
Councillor Clarington Diane Serra St. Stephen Secondary
Councillor Clarington Donna Paquette St. Joseph Bow. Elementary
Councillor OTL President Clare Armstrong Local Unit Office
Councillor New Teachers* Kody Kroontje Good Shepherd Elementary
Collective Bargaining Officer* Andy Butler Local Unit Office

Unit Professional Development Funding

To assist our teachers in maintaining a current view of education, the Unit provides yearly subsidies of up to $350 for courses, conferences and in-service workshops. Applications for this subsidy are available to all teachers through their Staff Representative who maintains a copy in their Handbook. Briefly the procedure is:

  • Application is sent in a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. Part A of the application is sent in along with supporting course / conference information.
  • Application is returned within one week indicating approval or disapproval
  • Claim for reimbursement must be submitted within 90 days of completion of course / conference / in-service. Part B of application is completed and all proper receipts are included.
  • The subsidy will cover the cost of registration, accommodation, meals and transportation (at $0.48/kilometre if by personal transport) to a maximum of $350 per school year.