Subsidy application MUST be submitted two weeks prior to the course/conference. (Please scan and upload all receipts, or submit receipts via at FAX: 705 742 8599, or send via Board courier)

PROCEDURE: ( for the use of permanent teachers, members of OLTBU should contact their Local)

I  You Must:

  1. Send this application for subsidy to the Unit office a MINIMUM OF TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT EVENT. Applications received AFTER the conference WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED FOR FUNDING.
  2. Complete Part A of the application and accompany it with conference/course information in order to be processed. Please SCAN one (1) or two (2) pages from the conference info and UPLOAD the FILE(S) in the Upload Section below. YOUR PD SUBSIDY CANNOT BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT THESE PAGES.

II   We Will:

       3. Return your application within one week of receipt, indicating approval or disapproval.

       4.  Once approved, cover the cost of registration**, accommodation, meals and transportation to a maximum of $350 (Note: $350 x % for part time                        teachers) per fiscal year (July 1 ~ June 30)

III. You Must:

       5.  Submit your claim to the Unit office within 60 days after the conference or successful course completion. Part B of the application form must be                       completed and submitted with all receipts. PAYMENT WILL NOT BE MADE FOR EXPENSES WITHOUT PROPER RECEIPTS. (Note: the Unit does               NOT cover supply teacher costs)

For any inquiries contact Mike Gorman at 1-844-742-7843 or

Subsidy application MUST be submitted two weeks prior to the course/conference.

**   membership fees to various teacher organizations are NOT covered                                

***  when members share accommodation etc., cheques cannot be issued until both members have filed

****  our fiscal year ends on June 30th and begins on July 1st. ALL RECEIPTS MUST BE SUBMITTED WITHIN 60 DAYS OR BY JUNE 30TH WHICHEVER IS SOONEST.                                                                                                                                                         

(Application form effective 2018 09 04)


Professional Development

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  • PART A: - To be completed two weeks prior to conference/inservice/course start date.

  • (each applicant must use a separate application)